A Super Dull Week As New Releases Have No Audience
Friday 26 May 2023 15.15 IST
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The box office will see a dull week and a few more till the release of Adipurush in the middle of June. Not only Adipurush there is Flash on the same day which could find an audience even though the superhero is an unknown in India. The big response the film will get in the West will help.



The main releases this week were Aazam and Jogira Sara Ra Ra and the fact is not many will be aware of these films so there is little chance of teh films finding an audience. Basically they have to come to thestres to get a digital and satellite revenue as the main players just dont want direct movies anymore. 



Aazam is a thriller with Jimmy Shergill and seems another Mumbai underworld film while Jogira Sara Ra Ra is a comedy film with Nawazuddin Siddiqu but looks a half baked attempt to make a commercial film. There are other such films like Auhaam, Lavaste, Nri Wifes and a few more with some screens here and there probably fulfilling the requirements for a digital release.



The other release of note is another so called pan India release 2018. This film will be the biggest grosser ever in Kerala with collections maybe going over 70 crore in the state but the Hindi market is different monster alltogether. The trailer seems very dry with scenes which would be better in a documentry than a film. Also it does not seem a rural film which hold best chances if from South.  Obviously there is huge local appeal that is why the film is so huge in Kerala.  The film is also been dubbed The REAL Kerala Story in Kerala which is probably due to an issue with The Kerala Story. 



This film did not get a national chain release as the digital release is probably coming before six weeks and the national chains do not want regional films which have a window under 6 weeks. For Hindi the window is eight weeks.



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