This section is for questions are asked repeatedly for the You Asked it section. The three questions below have been the ones coming to our mailbox almost every other day. Other questions which are asked frequently will be added.


Q. Why are your figures different from all other media outlets?

Ans - The figures that you see generally in the national dailies and news/gossip websites are producer totals which can be inflated but not always, it depends film to film. These figures are given to all major box office reporting sources but we tend to go with our sources as figures are generally more close to actuals.


Q. Why are there changes to the figures after a week or later?

Ans - The daily figures are actuals for some circuits but then for some circuits it’s the midpoint of a range as the figures differ slightly from different sources. The figures is apprx and it adjusted at the end of the week. The change is left to the end the week as otherwise it could up and down 25 lakhs nett like a yo yo everyday. The fact the actual figure of first day will not be available till much later, numbers keep on changing and day one figure can chance on day seven. When you see a figure being forwarded at 10.00 am as an actual for the previous day, its pretty much a fake number being used for perception. For the wide 4000 screen film it could be 2-3pm next day when you get an actual idea let alone the actual to the last lakh. The figures that go in our database are the final figures. It would actually be easier to leave the collection reported on the day for us but then there can be mistakes and the idea is to closest to the actual number of the film so that is why there are changes at the end of the week.


Q. Why are collections of films in India inflated and why do people report them when they are fake?

Ans - It’s a cycle which has been going on for the last few years and why would film makers give actual figures when all sorts of weird numbers are reported and you could have your actuals being compared to someone’s fake numbers which actually does happen. There was a time in the 2000's when collections that were reported were lower than actuals as the fixed hires (and there were a reasonable amount of them at the time) were not reported but at that time the perception did not come from collections. The reporting by producers gained momentum around 2009 and it was generally limited inflation but then in 2011 came Delhi Belly for which a 21 crore nett weekend was made into 26 crore nett and this started it all as the media was not aware but the industry was and saw it is easy to get away with it. As for why people report them its because its easy and people have difficulty to source actual collections. Most of the industry may not believe these numbers but the public who is not aware will have some takers. In time this should get better as long as a mega inflated Delhi Belly or Krrish 3 does not happen as others have to follow as if they don't their films will look small.

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