Top Mondays 2024 - Munjya Is Fourth Best
Tuesday 11 June 2024 18.00 IST
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Munjya recorded the fourth highest Monday of the year so far behind Shaitaan, Fighter and Crew which are all bigger films and opened at far higher numbers. A film like Article 370 went on to do 77 crore nett and Munjya has a higher Monday than that film and the Friday to Monday trend is also stronger. Article 370 despite being a different genre is probably going to be the best comparison for Munjya as far as boxofffice goes and it should do better than that film.



Article 370 had seen a 30% drop on Monday and here with Munjya its only around 5%. Article 370 also did far better in Mumbai with Mysore also being excllent. Elsewhere the film did well but performance was less than Mumbai and Mysore and despite the excellent numbers of Article 370 in Mumbai the underlying trend for Munjya in the circuit suggests that it can be higher Article 370. 



The caveat will be showcasing as there are big films releasing in June and new films do get the upper hand in terms of showcasing in their opening weekend especially if they are big films. The Mondays this year so far have been as follows. There are no big totals on the crucial Monday but that is down to big opener as without that a big Monday is pretty much impossible with maybe a rare exception like The Kashmir Files.



1. Shaitaan - 7,28,00,000


2. Fighter - 7,07,00,000


3. Crew - 4,18,00,000


4. Munjya - 4,00,00,000 apprx


5. Article 370 - 3,46,00,000



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