When Will This Khan Monopoly Be Broken?
Thursday 11 October 2018 12.30 IST
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Q. When do you think the Khan monopoly at the top will be broken?.

Sunil Chaudhary


A. You cant put a time frame but it will be broken one day. It could be a year, or two or three but time will come as no one can fight age. There could be a surprise and someone can come out of the blue, the timing of these things is hard to judge but its pretty sure it will happen and in the near future. Its like if we go back 12 years then this monopoly looked impossible after Krrish and Dhoom 3 but who thought Hrithik Roshan would make such bad choices when being on the verge of something really  big.



Q. You have written about these European directors many times and maybe they have not done well at the box office but dont you think they bring in new stories and concepts into cinema which is good for the future.

V. Iyer


A. Its not that they may have not done well, they HAVE not done well, full stop. There has to be new stories and new concepts to go forward as the audience will not accept anything which they have seen many times before or is dated. But the key is how it is presented and narrated to the audience. Our cinema is very different from the rest of the world and especially from the cinema where these guys get inspiration. 



Q. The industry to getting all the sexual harassment accusations so is it really such a bad place?

M. Hussain


A. You are saying ALL as the media mainly highlights the film industry as it makes bigger news. This does go in other industries and professions as well but maybe not highlighted. As for being such a bad place its like any other place where as everywhere you will have some people who are a bit twisted, it does not mean everyone is like that.



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