Pushpa v 83 - The Race To 100 Cr In Hindi
Tuesday 25 January 2022 16.00 IST
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Pushpa and 83 are in a race to reach 100 crore nett in Hindi and it remains to be seen which film gets there first. Even though the business of Pushpa is 5 crore nett less at the moment it will eventually go ahead of 83 but 83 could reach the 100 crore nett mark before. 



Both films will be getting to 100 crore nett because of the open run though there has been an 9 crore nett loss of business for 83 due to the extra restrictions coming into play post release while Pushpa has lost around 2 crore nett. These are the losses coming from restrictions post release and not the ones that were there already prior to release. 



Pushpa has actually done more business than it would have despite the extra restrictions as that benefit of an open run is huge and the losses are also less as compared to 83. Even 83 would have easily made up the 9 crore nett which it has lost mainly from Delhi NCR but here the problem was that it did not sustain. 



Week One

Pushpa - 27,24,00,000

83 - 67,85,00,000



Week Two

Pushpa - 20,02,00,000

83 - 24,29,00,000



Week Three

Pushpa - 24,53,00,000

83 - 4,74,00,000



Week Four

Pushpa - 12,46,00,000

83 - 1,68,00,000



Week Five

Pushpa - 7,20,00,000 

83 - 60,00,000 apprx (3 days)



Week Six

Pushpa - 2,85,00,000 apprx (3 days)

83 - n/a




Pushpa - 94,30,00,000

83 - 99,16,00,000



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