Gully Boy v Total Dhamaal Comparison
Wednesday 20 March 2019 11.30 IST
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Gully Boy and Total Dhamaal are coming to the end of their runs and the comparison of these two films pretty much tells the fake perception that Gully Boy has been immensely appreciated and even created a superstar. Total Dhamaal is also not a hugely appreciated film but the regular Hindi bread and butter film but whichever way you look it as it has been liked more than the so called classic Gully Boy. Only in India these sort of films like Gully Boy which have no life after theatrical run (that too mainly in five metros) are called classics. 



The reason why these adjectives come up is not because of the film but who makes the film and these makers and the writers generally belong to the same circle so it becomes a classic and then its latched onto and out comes a superstar PR exercise. No matter how bad the director is or how poor the film is for most of audience the picture shown is different. Both Gully Boy and Total Dhamaal were released on a similar number of screens with Total Dhamaal having a little more but Gully Boy got more screens at higher ticket priced multiplexes. The second week business alone of Total Dhamaal is almost the total business of Gully Boy after the first seven days so if Gully Boy is classic then Total Dhamaal has to be one of the best films ever made going by how the films have trended over time. The fourth week of Total Dhamaal being almost three times better than Gully Boy pretty much tells the fact which film has been liked but the opposite fiction will be out there as well.



Both films are HITS but take out the extended weekend and Valentines Day from Gully Boy and give it to Total Dhamaal and the gap would be even bigger between the two films. Even in Mumbai circuit where Gully Boy fared best it has been beaten by Total Dhamaal in three weeks alone. The funniest thing is that the collections of Gully Boy have gone down fast after week one but its still called one of the best films ever made in India when in fact its not even the best film of a 2 and a half month old 2019. That title belongs to Uri - The Surgical Strike. Below is a weekly comparison of Total Dhamaal and Gully Boy.



Week One  

Gully Boy - 98,38,00,000 (8 Days)

Total Dhamaal - 92,24,00,000 



Week Two

Gully Boy - 24,32,00,000

Total Dhamaal - 36,13,00,000



Week Three

Gully Boy - 7,49,00,000

Total Dhamaal - 12,27,00,000



Week Four

Gully Boy - 2,26,00,000

Total Dhamaal - 5,40,00,000 apprx (5 days)



Week Five

Gully Boy - 85,00,000 apprx (5 days)

Total Dhamaal - N/A




Gully Boy - 1,33,40,00,000 (34 days)

Total Dhamaal - 1,46,04,00,000 (26 days)



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