Padmaavat v Dangal All India Comparison
Thursday 02 August 2018 11.15 IST
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There is a 23 crore nett difference between Dangal and Padmaavat in circuits where the latter had a clean release. The 23 crore nett is in favour of Dangal but if we fill in the blanks for the remaining collections where Padmaavat did not have a release then it makes up 2 crore as like for centres in places in Maharashtra and Bihar are better which means places like Gujarat and Central India would have been better for Padmaavat compared to Dangal.. .



The final gap is left at 21 crore nett which means that if Padmaavat had a clean release across India the mid point of its collections would be 353 crore nett. The range would be 349-357 crore nett as its impossible to give exact figures to the missing business but a range can be given looking at other circuits.



It will be interesting where the Sanju figures come for these circuits but with all India of Sanju looking around 18 crore nett less than the real value of Padmaavat it should mean the circuits below are a little less than Padmaavat. Below are the first week figures of Padmaavat where it had no release problems compared with Dangal



East Punjab

Padmaavat - 32,10,00,000

Dangal - 44,35,00,000



Nizam / Andhra 

Padmaavat - 18,38,00,000

Dangal - 21,12,00,000




Padmaavat - 23,87,00,000

Dangal - 27,81,00,000



Tamil Nadu / Kerala

Padmaavat - 7,26,00,000

Dangal - 13,39,00,000



West Bengal 

Padmaavat - 18,05,00,000

Dangal - 17,14,00,000




Padmaavat - 3,27,00,000

Dangal - 2,68,00,000




Padmaavat - 3,76,00,000

Dangal - 3,06,00,000



TOTAL (7 circuits where Padmaavat had clean release)

Padmaavat - 1,06,69,00,000

Dangal - 1,29,55,00,000



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