(new) Criteria

This Criteria for STAR RANKING is as follows.



The points are based on the weekend collections. The GROSS and not NETT collections are taken as there can be a film which is Tax Free which would not give a correct outcome. 


There is a threshold point which is a regarded as a good opening and then points are plus and minus depending on how higher or lower the films of the stars are then the threshold point.


The present thresholds are as follows.

2017 Q1 - 52.00 cr

2017 Q2 - 52.50cr

2017 Q3 - 50.50 cr

2017 Q4 - 51.00 cr


These thresholds are judged on how opening weekend business in rising or falling on a year on year basis.


The collections on the major holidays are adjusted to give a better picture and they are judged at what level the non holday collections would fall it. Each film has maximum value for one and half years and is eased out of the system in the next one and half year by giving it 5% less value each month. So after 38 months it is out of the system.


Films which are exteneded guest roles or off beat and given a small release which is not normal for that actor are not taken into account.



The overseas ranking follows a same system and here the threshold is $2.3 million and has held at that level for some time as there has been no growth in the opening business for the normal Hindi film..



The Worldwide ranking is the India points plus 20% of the Overseas points as that is approx value of the Overseas market in terms of revenue compared to the India market..



The entry and exits of stars in the system is dependent on the initials. A -1000 point figure in India means a definate exit. A few bad initials will also mean an exit. An entry will happen if an star makes a big initial in a film or a couple of films open well. This is also dependent on how much credit the star takes for the initial as gaints other factors.



The Criteria for TOP ACTOR / ACTRESS in the DOWN THE YEAR SECTION is as follow


The star ranking is totally based on box office initials and nothing else. Here everything is taken into account to show the actual popularity. It takes into accout the boxoffice as well as other factors like, genre, the makers,the setup, release period, the real effect of that film on a career and everything else contributing to the position of an artist.


The point systen works on a yearly basis and a film released towards the end of the year will be effective in the following year. There will be a years when an artist will be down on points despite openings and success but this will be becasue the system will see the year not as strong as the previous unless the build up to a big year is strong. This is basically our system showing how popular an artsite was and when.


There are more artistes tracked and if success is consistent for years they will show up on the charts. An artiste is tracked when they meet with boxoffice stardom and until they phase out. A popular artiste may not have releases but the stardom does not fall away overnight so there will be people in the charts despite no releases. An actor going below 500 is seen as phase out and the the actress level is 350.Only thirty years maximum will be applied as nobody lasts that long as a real box office star.


The same methods are applied to actors and actresses and in some years it could mean an actress having as much or even more popularity than an actor. If any artistes are missing you can send the names to admin@boxofficeindia but it will on our discreton whether they will be put on the charts.


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