The Industry Must Understand The Huge Failure Of 83
Wednesday 19 January 2022 17.00 IST
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There will be many in the industry that will be seeing that even after three weeks of release there is a refusal to believe in the failure of 83 and a different agenda is driven and excuses are given as to why the audience could not watch despite it being a great film. It is a ridiculous thought when the film has crashed while others playing alongside have not but this industry only needs a chance to create fake perception.



The only thing probably not being said by the people involved in 83 is that they have made a better film than Pushpa - The Rise and Spiderman - No Way Home and however funny it may sound the thought is probably there. Why not just come out and say that Kabir Khan directed 83 better than Jon Watts has directed Spiderman - No Way Home and Ranveer Singh mimicry is a better act than Allu Arjun in Pushpa. This is not to say Arjun Allu is bigger star than Ranveer Singh but just comparing the work in these two films released in a similar period.



There is awards season around the corner so these guys maybe doing their perception bit to push the film but the sort of position the film industry is in now you just cant indulge in this sort of stuff as there will be a few believers of your drivel in the film industry and right now the industry just cannot afford to go wrong. You want awards just talk to organisers you can do the deals and take the awards home. But at the end of they hold no value expect in your heads when the public has already shafted your film and know the truth. Anyway awards season will hardly have competition so you can get easily get without doing anything. 



The main thing is for the industry to see above this perception and believe in the actual facts as the industry is at a huge crossroads and wrong decisions now can actually kill the industry as we have known it till now. Its not even about believing what is written here, just do your own research at the ground level and you will find out the truth. The bottom line is you will not survive on perception without any results.



The simple facts are that pre covid19 you had made so much poor cinema similar to 83 that you lost a good chunk of your core audience and now post covid19 a good chunk of the audience you were catering to in the metros MAY have shifted to streaming and has no urgency to watch the films in the theatres. We say MAY as that is what collections in November and December say and maybe in the future this will change.



Now a lot of films which will release in the next few months are from 2020 so will possibly catering to an audience which is possibly not there anymore or maybe there but in lesser numbers which is going to be reflected in the box office collections. There is nothing that can be done about this but what can be done is the correct films made for the future as that will decide the road for the film industry in whether it remains the big Hindi film industry that it has been for years or becomes a B grade streaming film industry.



Now if anyone even believes that 83 has failed due to covid19 and this sort of cinema is the future they are heading for trouble and guaranteed in a very blind and delusional industry there will be some believing this. The media and the public can fall for the success agenda of 83 if they want to but the industry must understand the failure and cannot move on the same lines. No doubt the covid19 situation is hitting films but that is the case for all films and it is not like if 83 would have done 75 or 100 crore more if few places like Delhi city had not shut down.



This issue with audiences in metros does not mean jump into this so called mass cinema bandwagon as in the industry mass cinema is seen as south style over the top cinema which also has limitations even in what you would call mass circuits. Everything is about having a story with wide appeal and then going from there but when the staring point which is the story already limits the audience there is not much hope.



There are going to be testing times when cinemas resume again and fake agendas like 83 is a great film hardly help the confused mindset of the film industry. This is because many in the industry like to believe what is SAID rather than FACTS. It is so easy for us to SAY 83 is a TRASH film which will also not be true as there have been much worse films but calling it TRASH is much closer to the truth than calling it a GREAT film. This is the HARSH reality which few dont want to actually believe.



This industry has to have it SPELLED out to it when certain content fails in big way especially when the wider agenda through the media is trying to be painted differently and excuses being made. There will be comparions and figures here over the next week or so which should SPELL this out and all will be like for like. The industry must remember the films that go on the floors over the next six months will decide the future and there is very little room for error.



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