Sholay (Re-Run) Second Week Collection Details
Saturday 18 January 2014 18.00 IST
Box Office India Trade Network

Sholay (Re-Run) collected a little under 2 crore nett in its second week. The drop in the second week was 75% as the week saw two new releases which domintaed the screen time at multilpexes.


The total business of Sholay (Re-Run) is a little under 9.50 crore nett in two weeks and the lifetime business will be around the 10 crore nett mark. The distributor share for two weeks is 4.50 crore approx


The film mainly collected in Mumbai and Delhi/UP in week two. Below is the second week territorial breakdown of Sholay (re-run).


Sholay (Re-Run) Second Week Territorial Breakdown
Territory Nett Gross Territory Nett Gross
Mumbai 73,00,000 Delhi / UP 44,00,000
East Punjab 17,00,000 Rajasthan 10,00,000
CP Berar 8,00,000 CI 11,00,000
Nizam / Andhra 3,00,000 Mysore 5,00,000
Tamil Nadu / Kerala 1,00,000 West Bengal 7,00,000
Bihar 4,00,000 Assam 50,000
Orissa 2,00,000    
TOTAL- 1,85,50,000