Jai Ho - Blockbuster Prices But Semi Hit - Hit Businss
Thursday 30 January 2014 12.00 IST
Box Office India Trade Network

Jai Ho has turned out an expensive proposition for all its investors. The film is basically heading for semi hit to hit business but has been sold at blockbuster prices. The film was sold to Eros International at a huge rate and Eros International managed to off load some circuits at even bigger prices.


The prices that the film fetched in circuits like West Bengal, Bihar, Nizam/Andhra and Rajasthan were around 10-15% less than the business of Ek Tha Tiger. The prices do indicate the craze for Salman Khan as no film has ever fetched such high prices.


Jai Ho had to do an 85 crore all India distributor share for these distributors just to cover but at the moment the film looks to be heading for a 60-70 crore distributor share depending on what happens over the next ten days or so.


The makers probably made the highest table profit in history (in region of 100 crore) due to these inflated prices as its not a very expensive film in terms of making but the market misjudged by thinking that star power could take the film to safety and if the film gets accepted then profits would be come.


Star power is sometimes enough with the help of holidays falling on the right days but with such high prices you also need help from the product which is not quite up to the mark going by its trend.  Or possibly a better way to put it is the product is not upto the mark its investors expected as collections are good for the amount of money spent to make the film.


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